Machinery Equipment

Any device that works on mechanical or electrical energy is a machine. Clocks, compressors, expanders, turbomachinery, centrifugal pumps, positive displacement pumps, internal and external combustion engines, reciprocating engines, other heat engines, turbines, and airfoils (wings, propellers, rudders) are some of the most modern forms of machinery. The advent of electronics and Information Technology led to the emergence of machines that use integrated circuitry like computers, televisions, radio, lasers and various industrial tools which run on electricity and electromagnetic radiation. Industrial robots and robotic arms represent a conjunction of machinery, electronics and IT. Such machinery is an indispensable part of the printing, paper, food, textile, construction, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, automotive, chemical, mining, manufacturing, agricultural, utility, power generation, shipping, and transportation industries. Global demand for machinery follows trends in industrialization and expansion of industry base.