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Syndicated Research Services

Provides overall market insights, assisting clients with market strategy and brand positioning. At its core, market research gathers information and analyses external influences on an industry such as economic data, trends, customer behaviour, geopolitical influence, and brand positioning which helps in making a progressive decision making. With customization to the core Extrapolate’s dedicated Research experts are there to custom fix a report as per the problem statement.

Micro-Market Reports

Are in depth analysis of particular segment which captures the company trends, shifts, supplier side, innovation, disruption and other aspect which will play a major role in defining early paradigm shifts. Include analysis of overall Industry in a specific geography. These reports possess utmost accuracy and the data and information provided are sourced from authentic government and industrial bodies.

Extrapolate Differentiator

Knowledge Base
Reports Knowledge Base

Repository of 300,000+ Reports segmented by Industry & Country and covering 1000+ Micro Markets.

Global Newtwok
Global Network

Global Network of top publishers across 80+ Countries covering various Markets and Micro Markets


Covering & Mapping major industries and trends based on granular Data

Global Teams
Global Teams

Partnerships with 700+ Research Teams across Globe for latest Insights and Trends

Operational exce
Operational Excellence

Our time tested Research Methodologies and Data Modelling tools provide unmatched operational results

Data Decision
Data Decisions

Our Skilled researchers and Program Managers give decision makers different perspectives based on various data points being analysed and market research

We Care
We Care

Our 24/7 Analyst support gives our customers the edge by solving their queries in real time

Result Orientation

Efficiency and Efficacy delivered with our process- driven approach to meet and exceed expectations