Faq and Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the sources & methodology we use?

We provide data from the demand and supply side. We use various sources and methodologies to gather the data and process the information published in our reports.

Do you provide customization of reports?

Yes, we provide customization on our reports based on requirements. The additional customization is charged based on the additional requirement.

Can I get access to data for a specific region?

Yes, we provide data for specific countries or regions in the reports. Also, we do customized formats and provide information based on such requirements.

Do you provide market share information about a particular segment?

Yes, we provide market share information and insights. This service is also provided with customization based on the requirements.

Do you offer post-sales support?

Yes, we offer 16 working hours of analyst support to provide the best solutions for your queries. We request you to connect with our sales representatives and set up a meeting to speak to our analysts.

How do you conduct primary research interviews?

We make use of telephone calls, video conferences, face-to-face interviews, and questionnaires.

Do you conduct onsite visits for customization or counselling projects?

Yes, we have skilled analysts and experts that provide onsite support for customization and counselling

Do you sell any specific portion of a report?

Yes, we provide reports in portions/chapters. Please get in touch with our sales representatives for more about our various offerings.

What will be the delivery timeframe of customized reports?

Our sales representatives will convey the timeframe after completing the list of customizations. We request you to get in touch with sales representatives for further information.

At what intervals are reports are updated?

Based on the requests that come in, we intend update our report repository every year. Please connect with our sales team for updates on the status of the reports.

Do you provide quarterly updates?

Yes, we provide quarterly updates of the report. These updates have minimal charges. Kindly connect with our sales representatives for more details.